A selection of solar contractors around Richmond, Va and interesting aspects of them

Abakus Solar USA ""

  • German solar headquartered in Richmond Va for the entire US!

    Commonwealth Solar LLC ""
    Established 1975 - takes a wholistic "whole building" approach that includes an Energy Audit considering the context of trees and landscape the building exists within.
  • Solar Thermal system found to be the most efficient in Virginia by Virginia Tech.
  • Solar PV ( with battery backup!) integrated with backup generators that keep the power on when the grid goes down. One of only three installers of battery based "Grid Interactive" systems.
  • Airsealing and Insulation for, windows, attics and crawlspaces that include moisture mitigation

    DTI Solar ""
  • Long time advocate of preppers and battery backup solutions.

    Greenair ""
  • Featuring geothermal as well.

    Old Dominion Innovators ""
  • primarily focused on an electrician's perspective.

    Performance Solar ""
  • "home of "NO MONEY DOWN SOLAR" also specializing in BIPV (building integrated PV, shingles)

    Primal Energy Systems ""
  • PV and Solar Thermal

    Richmond BySolar ""
  • Extra attention to solar thermal with experiments in "Heatstore"

    Shockoesolar ""
  • Features marine solar.

    Sunflower Solar ""
  • Started by one of the earliest Richmond Va green focused architects, the "diverse backgrounds in design, construction and energy conservation bolster our ability to deliver fully integrated services."

    Urban Grid ""
  • Additionally featuring energy management

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    Updated September 2011